What is Motor City Shadows?



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Motor City Shadows is a Radio Drama set in the city of Detroit within the dystopian universe of the Sixth World of Shadowrun. The main characters are Shadowrunners, outlaws of a corrupt and exploitative society from which they have either fled or been exiled.  From these shadows the characters strike back at the mega corporations that have stolen control of every nation on the planet from the helpless citizens within. One day our heroes may be free from the Shadows.  Until then, they will be forced to run within them.

What is Shadowrun?

Shadowrun is a persistent alternative fictional future where Magic, Advanced Technology, and unchecked corporate power have reshaped our world.  Started in 1989, the Shadowrun fictional universe has now surpassed 30 years of story continuity from tens of thousands of creators and contributors over its lifetime.  This depth and detail of the Shadowrun setting makes it the standard bearer for the cyberpunk genre.   The Shadowrun IP is currently owned by Catalyst Labs and is currently available as a fifth edition tabletop rpg ruleset

What is the Sixth World?

The Sixth World is a very different place from the world you think you know today. Civilization and the laws of Nature have taken titanic strides in the recent history of our planet.  In only 60 years, the Sixth world has witnessed the pinnacle of computer technology and artificial intelligence as well as the rebirth of mythic energy in the form of Magic.  The population of the human race has also been forced to evolve to meet these epoch level changes.  Some have become closer to machine than mankind, embracing the infinite virtual worlds of the Matrix.  Others have been awaken to strange powers, becoming mystics that use magic to walk the Astral plane.  Humanity itself has changed, expressing yet unseen, hidden mutations as whole new branches of the evolutionary Meta-sapien tree.  Nations and Governments around the world have failed, collapsing in on themselves, allowing mega corporations to amass, rise to power, and take their place as leaders of society.  No, The Sixth World is not the same world you think you know today.

What is a Radio Roleplaying Adventure/Drama?

MCS borrows liberally from the era of radio programs like The Lone Ranger and The Shadow as well as their modern inheritors like Welcome to Nightvale and  Thrilling Adventure Hour.

MCS seeks to combine the frenetic, unpredictable fun of the tabletop roleplaying game Shadowrun with the dramatic plotting of a serial radio show. Using a mix of player agency, random game mechanics and peer-reviewed script writing, MCS hopes to capture the magic of collaborative storytelling in a new and exciting way.


How can I be a part of MCS as a Voice Actor, Audio Editor, Writer, Script Editor, Etc?

We are always looking for people to join our Cast and Crew.  Reach out to me at aaron@radioroleplay.com