What is Radio Roleplay?


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Radio Roleplay is a simple idea.  Take the stories we gamers create at our gaming tables and retell them as a Radio Drama.  Our cast and crew of talented Voice Actors and Audio Engineers team up to bring these RPG campaigns to life.  Radio Roleplay is the result of dozens of creators working together to tell an epic tale.

So you create Podcasts?

Yes, in a way.  Our shows are professionally edited, voice acted and scripted audio dramas delivered in the podcast form.

Our flagship show, Motor City Shadows, is a serial story spanning multiple seasons.   Each season will have a number of podcast episodes that combined, to make an arc of the story.  There are also one-shot stories focused on individual characters from the show and behind-the-scenes episodes with interviews, essays, backstory discussions and more.

What kind of shows are you producing?

As many different kinds of shows as there are Roleplaying genres and stories to tell within them.  While Motor City Shadows is our first Radio Roleplay Adventure/Drama (RRAD), there are already talks to do other shows.  Imagine a wild west episodic set in the Golarion world of Pathfinder or a dark series of Mythos tales in the 1920’s of rual Michigan copper mining towns of the Upper Peninsulla.  There are an untold number of shows we want to do with Radio Roleplay.

Do you really play through a campaign for each show?

Yes and no.  As the head writer for Motor City Shadows show I am pulling from actual game nights we played in from our home Shadowrun campaign.  We also try to play through key combats in the series with the cast and crew to give us amazing action sequences.  However, there is still a place for a writer in our show.  Radio Dramas were always intended to be a plotted story arc with smart dialog and interesting character choices.  So we marry the two by letting the game influence the story we are telling in the show.  Ultimately, however, they are scripted shows.

Are you looking for Voice Actors, Audio Editors, Writers, Script Editors, Etc?

YES!  We are very interested in expanding our Cast and Crew with more people who want to help make amazing things.  Even if you don’t have experience with this kind of thing, as long as you want to learn and can show some ability to manage your deliveries, we would love to have you join our team.  Just contact me (aaron@radioroleplay.com) and Ill be happy to discuss it more with you.

Are you looking for new shows to produce, I have a great idea!

YES!  Radio Roleplay is a platform for new creators.  If you have a great idea for a Radio Drama based on your unique world or gaming group, please share it with me (aaron@radioroleplay.com).  We may be able to help you make something amazing.


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