MCS – S1E3 – Strings Attached



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Season 1 Episode 3

Four Shadowrunners hide out from Knight Errant after a Stuffer Shack shooting.  Vixen is visited by a strange digital sprite.



Writer: Aaron Worsham

Editor: Aaron Worsham

VO Actors: Jake Chase, Jon Hradsky, Chris Browski, Dan Imhoff, Dan Putnam, Kevin Lewis White, Allison Gromley, Christopher C. Wright, Eric Wagner, Hanna Pierce, Aaron Worsham, Evan Kornfeld, Aubrey Bailey


Blood and Roses by the Smithereens

Maroon Drive by Jens Kilstofte

Dark Eyes by Dunja Lavrova
Dreams Become Real, Sunday Stroll, & lban Al Noor  by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

Sound: Mistorcaveman, sillyslimeball, deleted-user-7146007, njabrams, amholma, anthoursai, qubodup, dkiller2204, antwash, adam-n, themfish, diniunicorn, nofeedback, benboncan, Steveygros93, Finnolia Productions Inc.

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