MCS – S1E3 – Strings Attached

  Radio Roleplay Website | Twitter | Facebook   Season 1 Episode 3 Four Shadowrunners hide out from Knight Errant after a Stuffer Shack shooting.  Vixen is visited by a strange digital sprite.   Credits: Writer: Aaron Worsham Editor: Aaron Worsham VO Actors: Jake Chase, Jon Hradsky, Chris Browski, Dan Imhoff, Dan Putnam, Kevin Lewis White, Allison Gromley, Christopher […]

MCS – S1E2 – Welcome Back

  Radio Roleplay Website | Twitter | Facebook   Season 1 Episode 2 Private Detective Sam Marlowe must help put the pieces back together for someone who needs his help.  But there is a secret he can’t tell her about her past.   Credits: Writer: Aaron Worsham Editor: Aaron Worsham VO Actors: Eric Wagner, Hanna Pierce, Aaron Worsham Music: […]

Shadowrun to Me

Hi, My name is Aaron Worsham and I am the head writer of Motor City Shadows.  I wanted to share with you my thoughts on the Shadowrun universe as a backdrop for telling compelling stories in Motor City Shadows The Shadowrun Universe It is Detroit, 2077 of the Shadowrun universe. This world is now defined […]

MCS – S1E1 – Food Fight

  Episodes | RSS Feed The story begins with four Shadowrunners sitting around a table in a basement apartment in Detroit in the year 2077.  The story ends with one of them being shot and the other getting a frozen treat.  What happens in the middle is for you to discover. Credits Writer: Aaron Worsham Editor: James […]

What is Radio Roleplay?

Episodes | RSS Feed | Discord | Reddit | Twitter Account | Facebook Page   Radio Roleplay is a simple idea.  Take the stories we gamers create at our gaming tables and retell them as a Radio Drama.  Our cast and crew of talented Voice Actors and Audio Engineers team up to bring these RPG campaigns to life.  Radio Roleplay is the result […]

What is Motor City Shadows?

Motor City Shadows (MCS) is a Radio Roleplaying Adventure/Drama (RRAD) set in the city of Detroit within the dystopian universe of the Sixth World of Shadowrun. The main characters are Shadowrunners, outlaws of a corrupt and exploitative society from which they have either fled or been exiled. From these shadows the characters strike back at the mega corporations that have stolen control of every nation on the planet from the helpless citizens within. One day our heroes may be free from the Shadows. Until then, they will be forced to run within them. […]