Radio Roleplay Cast & Crew


Name Twitter Shows Roles
Aaron Worsham @aaronworsham MCS Head Writer
Jupiter Sanders MCS Head Script Editor, Wiki Czar
James Rossi MCS Head Audio Editor
Jake Chase MCS Flashpoint
Jon Hradsky MCS Angelrazor
Chris Browski MCS DB
Sarah Worsham @sazbean MCS Vixen, Facebook Czar
Dan Imhoff MCS Editor, Deckard
Eric Wagner MCS Marlowe
Dan Putnam MCS Narrator, Omar
Hanna Pierce  @Palindromehp MCS Homer
Kevin Lewis White MCS Robert Knight
Christopher C Wright  @GamingPoet MCS TBD

Aaron Worsham


In-vehicle mobile App-Dev Manager at General Motors. Head of Connected Car Catalog Application Development for GM.  Founder Sazboom Software (), Creator, Radio Roleplay ().  Head writer for Motor City Shadows.  Sometimes crafter of wood and metal.  When I’m not writing for Radio Roleplay, I am playing tabletop games with my friends.

Jake Chase

jake headshotI work in IT at the City of Ann Arbor and spend most of my free time playing with my wife and kids and turning them into super nerds. I’m married to my high school girlfriend, and we have three kids aged 8, 6 and 2.5 years old. My hobbies include video games, board games and tabletop role-playing games (yes, I love games). I like to do voices in most of the role-playing games our group plays or when I act as Game Master for everyone.

Fitness is also a big part of my life, and I exercise roughly six days a week between running, yoga and body-weight fitness. My rather silly goal is to live forever (I’ve told my wife about this for our entire relationship), whether through science or robotics. I have a pact with my six year old to put our brains into robot bodies when we’re old so that we can live forever and repair each other. I read regularly to my kids, recently focusing on Harry Potter with my daughter (book 4 at the moment) and Bone with my middle son (volume 6 at the moment). The little guy still gets picture books. They enjoy the voices I’ve created for all of the characters.

Hannah Elizabeth Pierce

HannaHannah Elizabeth Pierce is an actor, musician and mime. She is a graduate of The American Musical and Dramatic Academy and resides in Los Angeles.



Christopher C. Wright


Always drawn to the spotlight, whether figurative or literal, Christopher has a long history with theatrical productions, both on-stage and on-air. Managing a commerical-sector focused IT solutions group for a day job, he spends his free time reading about information security, dreaming up dramatic characters and situations, and trying to help others learn and grow. Currently resides in Northern California with his wife and two geckos, dreaming of moving to Puget Sound.